12 April 2017

The best Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva

La Bottega is credited with a star by the famous red guide, Swiss edition. A nice recognition for the entire dining room and kitchen team, who work every day to offer to its loyal customers, as well as its new ones, a unique experience of Italian gastronomy. It is a beautiful setting which houses the best Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva, La Bottega! The restaurant is located at 21 rue de la Corraterie, one of the most beautiful streets of Geneva, at the bottom of the old town and next to the Grand Théâtre de Genève. The Italian architects Sestini and Corti have created a warm and natural interior, giving priority to raw wood for the tables, black leather for seating, light fabrics for draperies, red brick for walls. The room is very bright at noon and is adorned with more intimate and felted colors at night. A specialized light designer has been hired to create the ideal lighting scenario. In the evening in particular, with dimmed lamps in the dining room and light on the tables in order for ones eyes to also appreciate the creations of the Bottega’s chefs. It is an ideal and soothing setting to enjoy the inventive gastronomic cuisine cooked by the chefs of this Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva. Here, one can taste Italian dishes revisited with creativity, originality and love. Tableware is custom-made by a Polish porcelain maker who loves original shapes. Piotr Polak knows how to surprise with daring colors, cut shapes, inverted plates … while remaining at the service of chefs’ culinary talent of this Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva. The best Michelin starred restaurant in Geneva

The chef Francesco Gasbarro created La Bottega and rapidly obtained a Michelin star. He is still active in the Bottega company (which also counts the Osteria della Bottega). However, he is kept very busy by the management of the 2 establishments which count 27 staff members. Francesco Gasbarro entrusted chef Francesco Ibba to operate the kitchen. Thus, after treating the guests of the Osteria della Bottega, Francesco Ibba moved a few streets down to La Bottega, the Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva. Chef Ibba grew up in the beautiful region of Sardinia, in a family of restaurant owners. His childhood was marked by the good fish from the nearby sea, the treasures of the close mountain and the delicious products from the farms in which he spent most of his time. From the age of 14 he joined the Hotel Management School of Cagliari convinced that “I will be a cook! “. He alternated school periods with summer and winter seasons spent in the kitchens of the best Sardinia restaurants. He enjoys working in a team and the peculiar pace of cooking services, that reinforce his desire to become a great chef.

His first long-term internships took place in the best Michelin-starred restaurants of Ischia and Tuscany and have brought a significant contribution to his know-how. He considers Switzerland as his second home, and especially Geneva where he arrives in 2010, after a short stop in Ticino. In 2012, he joins Chef Saverio Sbaragli’s team at the prestigious “Il Lago”, the Michelin-starred Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva . He says: “It was a very rewarding experience that taught me to promote the search for pronounced tastes as well as an elegant presentation in the plates”. In 2018 he joins Francesco Gasbarro and the large family of La Bottega in which, during 1.5 years, he made the bright days (and evenings) of the Osteria della Botegga by succesfully performing a contemporary re-interpretation of classic Italian recipes.

Francesco Ibba knows all the Italian recipes of the Peninsula regions, with their climate, place and even spirit constraints. The new menu of this Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva is an open window on Italy with an anchorage in Switzerland through the delicious products from the lake ,from the mountains and from the good local producers. He can rely on a solid network of rigorous producers who have been working for many years with La Bottega. “I particularly like consistent blending between outstanding products that tell a story. I cook for my guests, as if they were friends who I want to please ” says Francesco Ibba. The plate is elegant, appetizing and especially clear in terms of taste with an immediate understanding of the flavors, sublimated by the best Italian and Swiss products. Colors, tastes, frank and generous flavors bring lots of pep to his dishes.

Of Mediterranean origin, Francesco Ibba wants to honor fish and seafood. Favoring short circuits, he works with Procsea, a platform in connection with 16 Breton harbors that guarantees the delivery of fish and shellfish less than 30 hours after being caught. Desserts in this Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva have not been forgotten. The pastry chef knows how to surprise with his sweet creations, sublimated flavors and original presentations. In the dining room, efficiency and discretion are required. One does not feel the service and yet it is reassuringly effective. Led by Tomas di Martino, an experienced room manager, the team of this Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva knows well its score. Everyone always knows how to find the right word, the attitude for every circumstance, the right spirit. A short menu (3 appetizers, 3 pasta, 3 main dishes) that changes accordingly to the market and the season entitles the costumer to a great freedom of choice. Guests may also choose a business lunch of 3 or 4 courses and in the evening the chef’s choice consists of 5 or 7 dishes that differ from the menu. Freedom and gourmet pleasures above all. The only constraint is to let oneself go: what a pleasure! The wine list is original and very well supplied. Priority is given to Italian small producers who focus on biodynamic wines that will astonish you. These vintages are only to be found in this Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva, La Bottega has the exclusivity in Geneva. This magnificent collection of Italian wines is completed by beautiful champagnes and French wines. La Bottega, Michelin-starred restaurant in Geneva welcomes you for an exceptional eating experience that will awaken your taste buds.

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