24 February 2018

La Bottega is a good restaurant in Geneva with its unique Italian dishes, it’s great service and it’s original selection of wines.

A good restaurant in Geneva can be measured through its guests’ comments on social media and the recognition of culinary guides. The Michelin guide has assigned The Bottega one Michelin star, while the famous Gault Millau credited an excellent 16/20.    

What are the criteria for being a good restaurant in Geneva? The location, the setting, the food and the hospitality.

First of all the location. This good restaurant in Geneva is fortunate to be located on one of Geneva’s most beautiful streets: 21 rue de la Corraterie. This good restaurant in Geneva is ideally located on the edge of the old town, surrounded by fashionable boutiques and prestigious Art Galleries. It overlooks the elegant Place De Neuve on which stands the prestigious Grand Théâtre de Genève and the beautiful Parc des Bastions, a peaceful green environment that hosts the Mur des réformateurs. The setting of this good restaurant in Geneva is as wonderful as its location. The dining room is cosy and yet luminous. The architects Sestini and Forti have given priority to beautiful yet simple and authentic fabrics. Tables are made of nice rough glazed lumber ; the chairs have black leather seats and delicate fabrics run along the windows. Thanks to a specialized light designer, The Bottega offers a softened atmosphere, while emphasizing the good dishes of the chef Francesco Isba with a good lightening on the tables. Let us take a look at the elegant terrace located on the Bottega’s terrace. On sunny days, one enjoys sipping a Spritz, comfortably installed on the lounge side. Large clear parasols protect us from the sun. Like the bow of a ship sailing on calm waters, the terrace of La Bottega is appreciated at noon and even more in the evening for its Italian “al fresco” inspiration, surrounded by elegant plants and wrapped in soft light.

The kitchen plays obviously the main role for a good restaurant in Geneva. The chef Francesco Ibba has recently entered the kitchen of La Bottega, having previously worked for L’Osteria della Bottega, its sister institution. He is a “real” Italian chef! He shows great interest in the best and most beautiful products that come from his childhood in Sardinia. He shows respect to the delicious Italian recipes that he knows by heart and that he likes to reinterpret in his own ways. He mostly likes to please his customers for whom he cooks as if they were his friends. His cooking is generous, original and, most of all, delicious. There is pep within his dishes, sublime in the flavors, originality in combining good products. Anxious to preserve its environment and endowed with a real “green” conscience, Chef Ibba favors short circuits for the purchase of food supplies. He can rely on an excellent network of Swiss suppliers, faithful since many years to this good restaurant in Geneva. He cooks fish from the Lake Geneva but he mainly remains attached to cooking the best sea fishes. To ensure optimal freshness, he uses the Procsea platform, which guarantees that the fish is delivered less than 30 hours after being fished. The service is a key element to describe a good restaurant in Geneva. Here, it is simply excellent! Tomas di Martino, restaurant manager, achieves to maintain his team at a sustained rhythm with soft authority and diplomacy.  Its team knows how to attend without being a burden, to be kind without being obsequious, to be effective without being stressed. We almost already look forward to come back to see them again in this good restaurant in Geneva. On its side, the wine list plays an original score. Indeed, Francesco Gasbarro, the owner of the place, has a passion for rare wines. He has managed to convince small Italian producers to entrust their wines and you will therefore only find exclusive wines in this good restaurant in Geneva. If a similar label is found in another restaurant in Geneva, it disappears from the wine list. Let us finish by mentioning the epilogue of any good restaurant in Geneva, the desserts! Thanks to the pastry chef, you will enter in a wonderful sweet world. His creations are as delicious to taste as they are beautiful to look at. See you very soon in this good restaurant in Geneva that has managed to find its place among the best Italian restaurants in Geneva.

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