6 January 2018

A gourmet discovery of Italian cuisine from a Geneva restaurant

Chef Francesco Ibba likes to please. He cooks as if he was preparing tasty dishes for his friends. And it is true that his food is delicious. This philosophy certainly takes its roots in its Sardinian origins, a land blessed by the gods, in which people like to meet around the delightful dishes of the “cuccina italiana”. What Francesco Ibba has mostly kept from his native land are the good and fine foods. The delicious fish from the Mediterranean Sea, meats and herbs from the mountains, good and fresh farm products. Passionate about Italian cuisine history, he knows by heart all the   peninsula recepies. He likes to sublimate them, to interpret them, to reinvent them. His cooking is a permanent discovery … of flavors, of unexpected blends, of original display.

The restaurant’s tableware is part of the adventure. Especially created by Piotr Polak, a Polish porcelain maker, the dishes are part of the staging of the creations of chef Ibba, offering them a beautiful showcase. A Geneva restaurant is also appreciated through its decoration. Here it is simple but refined, chic without being ostentatious, refined just like it should be. The Italian architects Sestine and Corti love beautiful raw wood, soft leather, light fabrics. The rooftop terrace should also be mentioned. It looks like the bow of an elegant ship. Here we have lunch and dinner “al fresco” sheltered under large clear umbrellas, surrounded by beautiful plants, lit by soft and dim lights. The wine list of this Geneva restaurant is original and leads to the discovery of wines unknown in Geneva. Indeed, you will be able to taste wines that are not to be found on any other Geneva restaurant’s wine list. The owner of La Bottega has discovered small Italian producers who create wonders. Service is always considerate, never too present and of gentle efficiency. The room manager, Tomas di Martino knows his task. He has worked in the best places, including the well-known “Il Lago” at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva. With mastery and kindness he manages his team for the greatest pleasure of guests who appreciate the fluidity of thoughtful service. This Geneva restaurant brings a unique and festive experience through its sublimated Italian gastronomy.

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