Fernando Tommaso was born on October 13rd, 1990 in Scafati, exactly the day of the celebration of San Francesco Caracciolo who is the saint of Italian chefs.
From a young age, already motivated and determined, he started working in Paestum at the Savoy Beach Hotel, where he gets to know Gioacchino Nocera. Only two years later, seeing his talent, Gioacchino Nocera will introduce him into the world of gastronomy by offering him the opportunity to be involved with the “Cantinella”. Thanks to this opportunity he will become aware of wanting to assimilate and steal with his eyes all the secrets of the great personalities of gastronomy in order to create something special.
He starts his professional career, filled with sacrifices and great houses, such as those of the genius Di Costanzo, passing by the secrets of the father of cuisine Michel Bras to pass to the feminine touch of Anne-Sophie Pic but also by the creativity of Alinea in Chicago to finish by the care of details of Adrea Aprea and the technique of Berton.
This young boy grows up quickly and at the young age of only 25 years he is ready to join Emanuele Mazzella at the restaurant Vespasia. Thanks to his role as Executive Chef at the Vespasia he has the opportunity to express his creativity and put himself in question in order to improve personally and professionally.
His idea of cooking takes shape from his imagination that manages with few elements to create a dish that evokes memories linked to tradition but under a fanatical optic. For Fernando, restoration represents the highest expression of hospitality, which, according to him, is typical of southern Italy.
His mission is to offer emotion. He considers himself a traveller who brings with him his origins, his history but always having a futuristic and extravagant vision.
Finally, his work could only have been inspired by the rigour, humility and genius of Marco Pierre White.
For me cooking is not a job but a place where I can be myself, through the ingredients and my soul. It is passion that leads me to the perpetual search for detail and the unstoppable desire to learn new things.



Trained in luxury hotels and starred restaurants, Tomas Di Martino has the know-how of old-fashioned service and recognises the importance of small touches. In the modern and effortlessly chic setting of La Bottega, he has challenged himself to raise the bar even higher. How? By offering impeccable service that adapts to individual customer needs and desires. All this against the backcloth of unforgettable classic Italian cuisine that conjures up childhood memories yet blends them with new, exciting taste sensations.
Adapt to people’s taste, break the ice, and pour the filter of love with
infinite precautions.
— Carlos Beltramo, Barman of Bergues 1924.